Zaganu – 100% Authentic Romanian Beer

I bet you never thought this would become a thing, especially in Romania. Sure, we got own beers, but those are mass produced; and that’s not our focus for now. At this time, I want to share with you a very special kind of beer, something that has come up recently.

This is Zaganu beer, a 100% Romanian, independent micro-brewery, founded in 2013 by 2 enthusiastic young people, Alexandru and Laurentiu.

They proudly produce only a small annual volume of 0,0045 millions of hectoliters of craft, unpasteurized beer, manually bottled and labeled. Their production team consists of skilled local brewers lead by their master brewer, all from Maneciu-Ungureni.

Their craft brewery is situated near Zaganu mountain, in the Romanian Carpathian mountains, close to the resort called Cheia, in Maneciu-Ungureni, Prahova county. The mountain Zaganu and their beers draw their name form the bearded eagle (Zaganu in Romanian) a majestic species of vulture that has gone extinct more than 80 years ago. The beers they produce here are called Zaganu and it’s a craft, unpasteurized beer, produced only from the finest raw materials whose name is easy to read and pronounce: water, malt, hops, yeast.

They started to produce the first 2 beers in October 2013: a blonde lager – Pilsner style and a dark beer – Schwarzbier style, both naturally fermented for minimum 21 and 30 days respectively, then bottled in 0,5 l bottles and put in 30 l kegs, with a shelf life of 45 days. This is why their Zaganu beers are bottled on request, according to the orders of their customers that are selling their beers: bars, bistros and specialized stores. You don’t find these in regular stores/supermarkets.

Starting with October 2015, when they celebrated 2 years of Zaganu, they launched 2 new beers to complete their portfolio: Zaganu India Pale Ale and Zaganu Rosie (Belgian Red Ale). They are both unpasteurized, unfiltered with top fermenting yeast, naturally fermented for 23 days.

In 2016 they launched another beer, a special edition called Adonis, dedicated to the first zagan (bearded eagle) seen on the Romanian skies after 80 years since extinction. In August 2017, they opened the 1st Zaganu bar, called Fabrica de Bere Buna, in Bucharest

Wanna pay them a visit? Reach out to us and we’ll prepare a memorable experience for you and your friends, discovering and enjoying 100% authentic Romanian beer.

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