Travelers we Meet: Tudor Cipaianu

Dear friends, please meet Tudor Cipaianu, a passionate young photographer who just joined the Finding Romania team. Look out for him on our posted pictures.

About me, my camera, and the environment I live in.

I have always been drawn towards photography, even though I never knew exactly how it works. Actually, even at this moment I am not 100% sure how it works, but I choose to focus on the creative side, what inspires me on the spot.

Usually, when I admire paintings, I also look at photographic details, such as:exposure, contrast, focus and color. I remember one time, during my high school years, I visited an exhibition of a Romanian artist, at the National Contemporary Art Museum; I liked it very much, mostly because I’ve noticed the technique of transposing a photo into a painting. The paintings seemed very real.

In my family, modern photography has been established as I grew up. My parents were experiencing the art of photography even before the Romanian Revolution of 1989. But the real revolution, or should I say “revelation” happened when I bought my first digital photo camera.

My mom has a cooking blog called “Retetele Panselutei” where she uses my camera very often, in order to take photos of her dishes. From time to time, I come up with ideas regarding the frame angles, luminosity, camera settings etc; but lately she started to manage on her own, regardless of the complicated photographic settings. Now, if you look at some of her older photos on the blog, you’ll notice a positive evolution, a clear difference between the old and the new ones. It is her accomplishment of course, but I like to think that I played a small part in this too.

Another daily photographic exercise that I do is with the help of my dog, a Siberian Husky. Did I say help? I meant struggle. He is very stubborn, it is a real challenge to work with him. Most of the time I have to “fight” with him, just to capture a simple photo. Maybe it’s because my camera is not in the shape of a bone.

But enough about me, I would rather let the photos speak for themselves.

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