Travelers we Meet: Robert aka DaddyCool – Travel Tips

Hello again boys and girls. This time, we meet one of our own, a Romanian, a blogger, a great guy. The Cool Family who likes to wander around! And he not only talks about him and his family, but he’s also here to share some travel tips as well.

Hey, everybody! My name is Robert, aka DaddyCool, I’m a blogger, journalist and actor based in Romania and I am fortunate enough to have a beautiful family that I travel a lot with.

Our story is very simple. We are in love with nature and we are looking for it every time we have the opportunity. We like to travel often and discover some of the greatest things and places out there. Because we know there are a lot of them.

Our daughter is going to be two in a few days, so our trips together were not further than Europe yet, but we are planning on going to other continents too, as soon as she will understand more of our trips.

We also like to travel a lot in Romania because we have an amazing country, with lots and lots of beautiful places. We traveled with Ingrid since she was one month old by car, and when she was three months old we went on a vacation in Corfu Island, by plane. I don’t know if we had one month without traveling somewhere, so we might say that we like to wander around quite a lot. We have a few places that are in our hearts, mainly because they mean something to us and, of course, also because of their beauty.

First place goes to Sfântu Gheorghe village from the Danube Delta. It has a special meaning in our hearts because that is the place where Ingrid was conceived. 🙂 So we decided that we will celebrate her birthday in Sfântu’ Gheorghe every year, as a way of thanking nature and God for giving us the chance to become parents in that magical place. 🙂 We had her first celebration out there, now comes the second one. Trust me, you will find magic out there: peace, quiet, barely no one around, an enormous beach, friendly local people, fresh air, wild horses, a lot of birds and a great ecosystem. If you’re looking to recharge your batteries, this is the place to be!

You can only arrive at Sfântu Gheorghe by boat from Tulcea city or from Mahmudia County, which is 30 minutes away from Tulcea by car. They have faster boats at Mahmudia and you can arrive at the destination in one hour.

Another special place in our hearts belongs to Bucovina Land, as i like to call it. 🙂 Situated in the northern part of the country, Bucovina is pure magic, as well. With landscapes to die for, it has a special energy and sometimes you feel like you got back in time. There are just a few places left in Romania where people still have the traditions, the national costumes and other stuff that make you really proud to be Romanian, and Bucovina is one of them.

We spent my birthday here in the spring of 2016. It was also Easter, so Ana (my amazing wife) gave me this awesome gift and we went on a trip to have fun with our daughter, to stay away from our cellphones and to just breath fresh air, relax and enjoy the amazing views that surrounded us. We stayed at „Satul Bucovinean” (Bucovinean Village), which is a resort of a few very old traditional houses, reconditioned for the tourist to have a pleasant stay, but also to feel how people used to live more than a hundred years ago. It is amazing, and you can find all the details here.

We also like to spend time at the seaside, so Constanța County is also one of our favorites. Only two and a half hours ride away from home by car, the city has a special meaning for us because we have a lot of friends and relatives over there. In the same time, if we want to enjoy the beach, we will go to Vama Veche, 2 Mai (we have a special little beach here, that only a few people know about) or even Eforie Nord or Jupiter. Probably our favorite place is Vama Veche because it is the place where Ana and I went for the first time together at the seaside.

There is way more to see about Romania and we just gave you some of the places we like to go to when we want to relax 100%. We are also planning to see more and we can’t wait to see where life will bring us in the near future.

Dear ones, enjoy your time in Romania and be sure to make the most out of it! Stay cool!

With love, DaddyCool!

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