Travelers we Meet: Niki Bozionelou

Off to a great start of the week. Did I mention that I am about to go on vacation soon? And guess where? To beautiful Greece. And speaking of Greece, today’s traveler lives there. Maybe I’ll pay her a visit. Meet Niki.

Hello there! My name is Niki, I come from Greece and I am the founder of – a travel focused website. I’m very passionate about traveling but not the type of traveler that would go anywhere, just to go. More like a control freak when it comes to my itinerary! Ha! If I could describe myself in 4 words, I’d probably say foodie, shopaholic, sensitive and persistent! My dream is to be able to make enough money to support a nice lifestyle through what I love doing the most: Travel! It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of investing but I’m getting there… Slowly but surely!

So far, I’ve been to 18 European countries and 2 abroad! That might not seem much for a travel blogger, but trust me, it is! I’ve been to a lot of different cities in each country and multiple times to the same countries. See my goal is not to just see the capital city of every country; no. I want to see most of each country and try to understand each culture! Besides, my list is about to explode this upcoming year, since I’ve already planned my next 4 trips which will happen by November! I’m very excited about them – especially the exotic destination I’m currently planning with my partner! It’ll be a first for both of us!

Also, if you read my blog or follow my Instagram and Facebook, you’ll see that this summer I will cover a lot of places in Greece, the most beloved European destination each summer!

I forgot to mention that I’ve lived in 3 different countries – Greece, where I was born, Serbia for 4 years – where my husband comes from, and England for a year – where I studied. Those 3 countries hold a special place in my heart and have a lot of memories and friends from all! I visit all 3 at least once a year!

I’ve been to Romania twice, but only in Timisoara for less than 24hrs each time. I liked the city’s architecture a lot! I’d also love to visit Brasov and Dracula’s castle, the Carpathian Mountains (one of my dreams) and of course Bucharest. Hopefully within a year, I’ll be able to scratch that off my list too. I’ve heard that their food is delicious too! Another reason for me to visit.

Most surreal experience: NYC – Me eating a cupcake outside Carry Bradshaw’s apartment and later strolling up and down 5th Avenue.

Scariest moment: In a taxi in Istanbul. The driver reversed in the middle of the highway because he passed an exit. I started screaming and the moment he stopped I jumped out the car without even paying him.

Best souvenir: Cow-print slippers from the Netherlands!

We will be waiting for you Niki, whenever you decide to visit Romania again!

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