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Our romanian adventures continue, and like we told you before, it’s not about us. It’s about the people we encounter along the way, our travelers that visit Romania, the ones we meet.

Just received this nice little piece about Katherine and Jordon.

Hey there! We are Jordon and Katherine, founders of the travel and lifestyle blog, World Abound.
We met in early 2015 in the cafeteria of our office building and have been inseparable ever since.
Both we love all (okay, most) aspects of travelling, from the giddy feeling we get when boarding an airplane that will take us to our next destination, to getting lost in a country where we have no hope of knowing the language to ask for directions. We love the unknown brought on by our various adventures and leaning on one another to get through the not so glamorous parts of travelling.

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Meanwhile, we just moved to South Korea to be English teachers, which has been the adventure of a lifetime so far.

However, this also means that we do not have an unlimited amount of time to travel at the moment. We have made travelling our priority and thus use all of our vacation time and weekends to jet off to as many places as possible during the year. We’ve actually made it our mission to travel to as many places as possible around Korea this year!

Since meeting and discovering our mutual love for travel, we’ve decided to document our adventures together to show the world that yes, it is possible to travel around the world while still working a 9-5 job – you don’t have to be a permanent blogger, photographer, etc. to fulfill your dreams! On our blog you will find travel tips and accounts of the places we have traveled to together. We’ll share things we wish we had known before travelling somewhere, give you a firsthand account of our experiences around the world, and hopefully entertain you while you’re reading.

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Check out more information about them on their blog.

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