Travelers we Meet: Iulia Vlasceanu

Say hello to Iulia, a fellow traveler from Romania, with an interesting story to share.

Hello fellow travelers! I am Iulia, a travel enthusiast exploring the world for many years.

I always had this desire to go places, but in the second year of high school I participated in an educational exchange program with a school from England. I traveled by bus from Romania all the way to England and lived with an English family for almost two weeks. Getting involved in their day to day activities, going to their school and then visiting the beautiful cities of London and Manchester was one of the most cherished times in my young adult life until then.

Fast forward a few years later when I crossed paths with my husband Rares, afer we both finished college. Although we were both studying at the same University, we only met at the end of it,
when we got presented by a common friend. Travel is not the thing that got us together
but it certainly brought us closer with each trip we had, because ever since, almost 10 years ago,
travel is one of the things we like to do the most as a couple.

I had a personal blog from 2015 where I was seldom writing bits and bobs about life experiences, only shared with close friends, but it all made sense this year to transform it into a travel diary reachable to everyone, where I share travel tips, good planning advice and great culinary spots while away from home. Although I’m an ‘experienced’ traveler, I’m actually a junior in the blogging universe, so my platform is still changing and refining as I’m constantly learning new things. But its main purpose will always stay the same: offer honest and genuine opinions about the places we get to explore.

Although I’m the one taking care of all the social media interaction, writing the articles, taking the pictures(most of them) and pinning the map for the next trips, Rares is the compass, a truly human GPS, the one who gets us back on track if we get lost (and I get lost sometimes ). He is the best driver one could ask whenever we need to travel by car and the culinary enthusiast for the local food and the best restaurants.

There is beauty everywhere, whether in the form of an ancient or a modern city, a natural landscape, the people you get to know or the time you get to spend with the dear ones and I always find that the last trip is the best because it brings something new into my life. It would take ages to write about all the trips I enjoyed, so here are only three of them:

1. Our trip to Canada and USA in 2014. It was the first time I was going on a long distance flight and the first time I was going to another continent. Scary and exciting!

2. Our honeymoon trip in 2015 will always hold that special place in my heart!
We traveled to Portugal and we visited Lisbon, the beautiful town of Sintra where you find fairy tale castles at every step, and then the volcanic island of Madeira.

3. A trip to Germany at the end of March this year, to North Rhein Wesphalia and Lower Saxony to visit family and friends. This picture is from Marienburg, a beautiful gothic castle only 30km away from Hannover.

We often travel outside our country’s borders, but Romania has so many beautiful places too, steeped in rich history, waiting for all of us to discover them. So our last trip was at the beginning of May, in Brasov county, when we visited for the first time the fortified churches of Prejmer and Harman and then climbed to the heights of Rasnov citadel.

Thank you Finding Romania for doing such a great job in promoting our country’s best places and offering inspiration for our travels!

Thank you Iulia for sharing this with us.

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