Travelers we Meet: Florian Guénet

There is nothing stopping us. The sky is the limit when it comes to meet new people. We never say no. We encourage our friends to share their stories with us (whether if they are about Romania travel or other countries). Who knows, maybe one day we can organize a get-together with all of us.

Let’s give a warm welcome to Mr. Florian Guénet:

“The very first memory I have of me traveling, brings me back when I was… 2 years old. We went to US with my parents and I only have one image of that trip: sitting on my chair, at the airport, drinking cold chocolate milk. A few years later, I had the chance to take part in several school trips to Italy or to Germany for example. However to me, the very first travel I had, happened when I was 19.

I spent a year in Germany for my studies as an Erasmus student. At this time I really opened my eyes and was finally able to see the world as I still see it now: I met different people from different origins, different countries with different stories. From that time I realized how important it is to travel and how rewarding it can be: “we have so much to learn!” I thought.

I finally managed to finish my studies in France. After I graduated I had no idea what to do next – study more? Work? Therefore and in a blink of an eye, I booked a bus ticket to a place I’ve never been to before: Prague, Czech Republic. Two days after, I found myself in the capital of the hundred spires without anything except a bag full of clothes, a computer and a few books. This was my first real adventure. I ended up working for an international company, living in a nice apartment, after some months a huge frustration.

For the second time in my life, I had this feeling that what I was doing was wrong. I decided to start a travel website on which I would write about my travels, food or provide travel tips. I also signed up for social media accounts on which I post about my daily adventures and travels. This was the first (shy) signs of me trying to leave. I reached the non-return point the day I quit my job.

In August I will be free of professional duties and I will be able to decide where I want to travel next. I’m not sure yet where I will end up – who knows what the future holds? – but I think that Asia is begging me for a visit! I really don’t want to wait for financial security, corporate life or family duties to do what I really want to do and most important what I really love. I’m 23 now, spent 3 year abroad already and I know it can be difficult sometimes, being far from the people you love, being broke or being alone. But this is what makes traveling beautiful; I highly encourage you to follow your travel dreams.”

Find out more about Florian’s journey’s on his website

From the site, you cand also follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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