Travelers we Meet: David Tovey

We are proud that more and more travelers wish to share their stories with us; it’s like a dream come true. We must be doing something right. Today we have David and Claire.

Hi guys. We are Claire and David, the couple behind the Love C and D travel blog. We’ve been married for over four years but only recently discovered our love of travel. In March 2016 we ditched all our worldly possessions, other than what we could fit in a 35l backpack (okay, so some things went into storage, we couldn’t get rid of it all!) and we embarked on an epic round the world trip. We absolutely love exploring new places, sampling new cuisines and badly attempting to learn a new language.

We love seeing the ‘big touristy’ sights (who doesn’t right?), but we hate paying the big price tags and know there are lots of folk who wouldn’t be able to. Therefore we often do lots of research to see how we can either do it ourselves, or reduce the costs to maintain a budget. We then use our experiences to encourage others to do the same.

Our trip came to an end a couple of months ago and we’re in the process of settling back in the UK. However, the travelling hasn’t stopped! In the UK (where we are from) including weekends, bank holidays and the average annual leave from full time work, there are 132 days of freedom and adventure to be used. We therefore provide tips, stories, reviews and insights on how to make the most of this time to fulfill your wanderlust. Travel full time isn’t for everyone and some simply can’t afford it – that doesn’t mean they should miss out on the wonders of the world!

I must admit that I don’t actually know a lot about Romania, however there is one place on our bucket list that happens to be in Romania and that’s the Turda Salt Mine. We love seeing things that you can only see in that particular country, and the salt mine looks awesome!

I’m also a big fan of castles so seeing Bran Castle (among others) would be quite cool too. One thing we try to do wherever we go is trying out local cuisine too. I’ve heard that Sarmale is the unofficial national dish? I would like to try that!

You can find David and Claire on their blog here

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