The Wheels Have Turned – Ferris Wheel in Herastrau Park

Now let’s see, where to begin. Well, the reason why I am posting this article is because the Ferris Wheel in Herastrau Park brings back a lot of memories.

Remember when I told you about the experience I had with my grandfather at Olimp when I was young? If you don’t, you can read the article here on the blog. Now I am going to tell you about another experience I had with my other grandfather (on my mother’s side).

Apperantly, the Ferris wheel in Herastrau Park was over 60 years old and that’s the reason they replaced it recently, but we’ll get there.

When I was young (can’t remember what my age was back then) i used to visit the park almost every day with my grandfather. He used to hold me on his back while walking in the park, and more than one time, I got to experience the ride of the Ferris wheel; did I mention I was scared of heights? But he took care of that by talking to me all the way through.

I was fortunate enough to live very close to the park. Like minutes away walking distance. So after my grandfather died, I went to park every day with my friends; like, literally every day. Now Herastrau Park is fairly large. In order to cover all of its grounds, you need at least 3 hours. But the area with Ferris wheel was the closest to me. You can ask anybody that lives/lived in Baneasa neighbordhood and they’ll tell you the same thing; that they know where it is and what crazy things they used to do there when they were kids.

And that’s exactly what I did. Going there almost every day, I know the place like the back of my head. There were 6 of us in the “gang”. We used to go there and play hide and seek, to walk, to talk, and we were even taking our girlfriends there from time to time. It didn’t matter if it was summer, winter, autumn or spring. We were there every day. That’s where I tried to smoke for the first time. 🙂

Recently, because of safety issues, the old wheel was demolished. I couldn’t believe it. On one hand, it felt like part of my childhood was gone. But on the other hand, I understood why they did it.

Now, they replaced it with a brand new wheel, and they also modernized the whole playing area, with new rides for the kids. You can take a look above,in the photo gallery to see a picture of how it used to look like back then, and how it looks like now.

Like any other child, I had done a lot of things in my childhood. Visiting the Ferris wheel every day was one of them. How about you? What’s your favorite place you used to visit as a child?

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