The Cherries Live at 360 Sky Lounge

Today is no ordinary post. Something different this time around. A band. But not just any band; 2 people madly in love with each other who wish to share their passion with the rest of us. Introducing The Cherries. And we did manage to scoop a short interview from them to find out more about “The Cherries”. Check it out.

Hey guys, we are The Cherries. An acoustic band from Bucharest, Romania, we a bit of cherry twist 🙂 We like to take popular songs and make them an unusual cover, combining jazz, blues and funk with humor as we both are actors and we love comedy. The band was formed somewhere in July last year from passion for music. The members are Andra Rotaru, the purple half of the band, with a lovely soft voice and Vali Radu the guitarist of the band with lovely jazzy tunes.

In real life we are a couple and we worked before in other musical projects together so this made it simple for us to collaborate, and of course we stay in the same house so… simple enough 🙂 We always dreamed of an acoustic project, so the dream came reality when we launched our first acoustic cover after a Romanian band called “Sarmalele Reci”. From there forward we pursuit our dream in making people smile throughout our music. The name was pretty simple to choose, as we like to call one another “Cheri” – this is from French.

We plan to play the music that we like and also, why not to launch an album next year with original song. We also try to make from our concerts an awesome experience for everybody that attends.

We have a beautiful country where you can find friendly people, sea, mountains and a unique place in Europe called the Danube Delta. We traveled in so many beautiful places and it is very hard for us to choose one. If there is something to visit here beside the Danube Delta, we highly recommend Sibiu, Brasov and let’s don’t forget our capital, Bucharest, this little Paris of the East Europe with extraordinary architecture and nightlife.

If you want to listen to our music you can check The Cherries YouTube channel. Also for our future events please visit the Facebook page.
And let’s not forget about the wonderful 360 Sky Lounge for their contribution with the pictures and the venue.

So there you have it. One of the most brilliant undiscovered gems out there. But let’s let the music do the talking. Here is a glimpse of their recent concert below.

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