Terms & Conditions

This document contains the terms and conditions for the use of the www.finding-romania.com/ website, owned and managed by S.C. First Class Int. S.R.L.

By accessing and using the www.finding-romania.com website, you agree with the following terms and conditions:

  • you are financially responsible for all the transactions carried out on your account or on your behalf.
  • you certify that the data that you provide regarding your own person or your family members are true.
  • you shall not use www.finding-romania.com/ for speculative purposes, for generating false or fraudulent reservations.
  • you shall not send political, pornographic, racist or any other kind of materials forbidden by the law.
  • you shall not alter, copy, distribute, sell, display, license or reproduce the content of this website, unless you use it for personal and non-commercial proposes.

The www.finding-romania.com/ website shall be used in order to obtain information over the tourism offers and programs provided by Finding Romania, information over the destinations promoted, subscription to the newsletter, purchase of Finding Romania products, booking as well as live or email support, etc.

Finding Romania acts as an agent for third party providers such as: airlines, hotels, car rental companies as well as other Providers of Tourism Services – hereinafter referred to as the Providers. www.finding-romania.com/ is an informative website. Finding Romania shall not be held liable for the correctness or accuracy of the information contained. Finding Romania does not guarantee, neither implicitly nor explicitly, the accuracy, truthfulness or integrity of the data and information presented on the website. Finding Romania shall not be held liable for any potential inconsistencies or errors that may arise between the content of the website and the real information. The data and information made available to the public through this website do not represent recommendations, guarantees or commitments of Finding Romania.

The materials presented on the www.finding-romania.com/ website as well as any information sent via email are the property of Finding Romania or of its partners in this project, as the case may be, and is protected by copyright, trademark right and other intellectual property rights.

Any reservation made through this website shall be considered to be your intention to purchase a certain tourism product or service. Should your request be accepted you will receive a confirmation email from Finding Romania and the Agreement with the Tourist will become applicable.

All the tourism services published on this website depend on the Providers’ availability. The Provider’s terms and conditions shall apply in addition to the Terms and conditions regulating the operation of this website. The Providers’ terms and conditions may include provisions applicable to the different payment procedures, obligations, cancellations, changes of reservations and refunding (if any) or any other kind of restriction.

Any cancellation or modification of the service booked or purchased shall be made according to every Provider’s Terms and Conditions. In case you want to cancel or modify a service booked or purchased, you have the responsibility to notify your intentions to Finding Romania in writing or by phone. In certain cases you may not cancel/modify certain tourism services or you will have to observe certain requirements in this respect. Finding Romania or the Provider accepts written requests. Neither Finding Romania nor the Provider may cancel/modify the tourism service before receiving your firm request.

Should you modify a reservation (including, without limitation, cancellations, refunds, name change), Finding Romania reserves the right to apply certain fees intended to cover the administrative costs that may arise from this action. These fees are distinct from the fees imposed by the Provider directly.

Finding Romania or the Provider does undertake to issue the tickets, vouchers or any other travel documents in case of an incomplete payment of the services ordered. In any case you shall be responsible for the full payment of the amounts required for the tourism services ordered.

Finding Romania or the Provider reserves the right to collect any additional fees (or commissions) that may arise at the time of the reservations. Should this be the case, you will be informed about the applicable commissions.

Finding Romania shall not be held liable to any person/entity for any kind of claims arising, directly or indirectly, from the use of the www.finding-romania.com/ website or from any error or omission.

Finding Romania may change the terms and conditions of use, without prior notification in the content of the website. Please read the terms and conditions every time you access or use this website. If you use the website after the amendment of these terms and conditions, you accept the amended terms and conditions.

This website may contain links to different websites. When accessing these links you are outside the www.finding-romania.com/ website and you must observe the terms and conditions of use for the new websites accessed.

These rules are in line with the Romanian legislation in force. Any infringement of the provisions herein shall represent an infringement of the rights of Finding Romania any may entail civil, contravention or criminal liability of the guilty person, as the case may. Any conflict arising in relation to the terms and conditions of use of the website shall be referred to the court of law.

Data confidentiality:

Based on your agreement expressed by accessing and using the www.finding-romania.com/website, the personal data and any other information you provide may be processed and used by Finding Romania for any marketing activities and purposes.

As required by the Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of persons in terms of personal data processing and free movement, amended and supplemented and by the Law no. 506/2004 on personal data processing and protection of private life in the electronic communications sector, on this website, any personal data you provide about yourself or about any other person shall be managed safely and only for the purposes indicated by S.C. Finding Romania S.R.L. These data are collected for the purpose of provision of products and services.


No payment means shall be accepted other than those presented on the website. We take no responsibility for money sent by courier.

Depending on the terms and conditions imposed by the hotels, at the time of the reservation, you may be requested a full or partial payment of the service booked, and the payment shall be made into the account of Finding Romania.

In certain cases, your credit card details may be sent to the Provider. The Provider shall take over of the payments for your reservations.