Romanian Attractions – Finding Romania on YouTube

You might have been used to view pictures of Romania. This is what we did in the past. Now, it’s a whole other ball game. Aside from the pictures of Romania, there will also be sharing videos… a web series if you will. This web series is focused on showcasing Romania… from romanian bars to restaurants, from romanian attractions to landscapes; the sky is the limit. If this won’t convince you to visit Romania, I don’t know what will. This is something we chose to do a while back.

When you plan a vacation you usually check the internet, see pictures and reviews. But what if there were video materials as well? Most travel agencies focus on selling you packages based on pictures, that most of the time don’t even belong to them. Here, at Finding Romania, we do take every picture, we collaborate with really talented people who give us a different perspective on romanian locations and we do shoot everything ourselves. If you’re on vacation and you own a camera (even if it’s a phone camera), do you use it? Of course, cause you want to share with others what you’ve experienced.

Here’s the breakdown. Each video is focused on a specific location. You are the one observing. As if you’re already there. They are filmed in such a way that everything is seen from your perspective.

Now we can’t tell you exactly when we will be posting episodes. There are many factors that depend on this, especially the weather. What’s important is that you may be seeing places that were never advertised before. Or places that you knew very little about.

Each episode starts with an intro that shows you all of the exciting stuff you’re going to see throughout the course of these videos.

You might notice that they’re not very long either. We decided to keep them short and sweet. After all, you wouldn’t want the whole surprise spoiled for you, right?

We will post these episodes on our Youtube and Facebook pages. That way, you can view them on the platform you like the most. One thing to remember is that YouTube plays these episodes in real FullHD 1080p quality at 50 frames/second as it was originally intended, for a more fluent motion. So if you want to see these on a big screen, choose Youtube.

That’s enough talking for now. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our first episode of Finding Romania; a wine tasting in Bucharest.

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