Prince of Wales Foundation – A Romanian Love Story

“I came here nearly 20 years ago for the first time. I was confronted by something which I knew it’s unique but I haven’t really been aware just how special this extraordinary part of the world is, in terms of its ancient patterns of life. All of which developed around a virtuous circle, working with nature and producing this astonishing landscape… all as a result on man’s management and relationship with nature.”

The Prince of Wales Foundation is a charity foundation that supports the development of Romania’s countryside and its communities. The Charity offers practical courses to make people employable within the heritage, the arts and crafts industries and farming.

Without giving too much away (after all, we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for you now, would we?), the house (where Prince of Wales Foundation has its headquarters) was partially built in 1777.

It is a typical southern-Transylvanian house that’s now fully restored. The old barn was converted into a stunning lecture room and café. It’s the kind of place you would love in your own backyard.

The Prince of Wales Bed and Breakfast has 5 rooms: one single superior, two single, one double twin and one suite. But it’s not available all year round.

Depending on the calendar of the charitable projects, the house can be rented when no such projects are planned. However, if you contact us in advance, we will definitely make it happen. We can (and we will) offer you the complete experience from food and traditions to the simple way of life.

Speaking of traditions, here are some of the highlights of the Prince of Wales Foundation’s work:

  • In 2015, The Prince of Wales Foundation started offering heritage preservation courses for people across the country. The charity works closely with local communities where there are historical buildings under threat. The courses are practical and cover tools, materials, plastering techniques and structural repairs.

  • The charity works with struggling families and supports them to grow their own food and start new orchards. Good quality seeds and plants have been provided as well as apple, pear, plum, cherries and apricot trees. The programme also includes short courses on cooking and hygiene.

  • What are the perfect ingredients to start a business in the countryside? What does it take to conceive a business plan? How do you make a budget? What type of financing can you attract for individual businesses at the countryside? If it sounds interesting, then this is the course for you.

  • The first course of Romanian traditional fabrics took place in 2016. The textile industry in Romania is creative and innovative. Classics need to be reinvented! The course taught new techniques of sewing, stitching and weaving supporting the students to create quality fabrics with a market value.

Sometimes it feels like time has stopped in this area, or maybe you might feel like you’ve travelled back in time. Viscri is a place where food still tastes like food, animals roam freely without chains or collars to worry about, and people believe that traditions are the backbone of our history, our society and our culture. If you think about traveling to Romania, whatever you do, don’t miss Viscri.

Here, at Finding Romania, we appreciate the people that are promoting the country. It’s safe to say that The Prince of Wales Foundation has gone above and beyond to support the values of Romania’s rich history and translate them into employment opportunities for local people.


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