Pictures of Romania – Travelers we Meet: Mihai Orboiu

A picture worth a thousand words, or a million words. No matter how you see it, I think it’s safe to say that we all agree on one thing; a good photo is the perfect way to promote a destination.

You already know that we like to focus on people, on their experiences and expertise. Sure, we are posting pictures of Romania on a regular basis. We show you different romanian locations every day. Fortunately, we are all different.

Some people might see Romania differently, from a different perspective. And this is where Mihai Orboiu comes into play. He is passionate about photography. How passionate? Well, I think we better let him tell us a bit more about himself.

Pictures of Romania

“My name is Mihai Orboiu and my passion is photography, especially landscape photography. I love that it goes hand in hand with trips and travel. I never leave home without having to take the camera with me. A photographer befits the road. It is true that photography has become a trend, but for me it is not about fashion or fad, but the passion and desire to show others immortalized images.

And the more I like to show pictures of Romania, the more I choose to photograph everything that inspires me: people, customs, villages, trees, forests, mountains, cities, details that, when put together, reveal me. Romania from my photos is Romania from my soul. “The camera is just an extension of my mind”, Michael Freeman.

Mihai is going to be a part of Finding Romania from now on; he will contribute in sharing beautiful photos with us. He is very talented and there is no doubt that he will make a great impact on the way you see this country.

Thank you Mihai for doing this. As a bonus, if you want to get to know him even better, you can find him here, and here.

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