Dino Parc, Rasnov

Well well, look at what we have here. Did you know that this Friday, the movie Jurassic World opened in theaters? I am sure you did, and probably even saw it by now. But aside from the movie, another park opened in Rasnov Town, Romania, called Dino Parc. What is Dino Parc you ask? It’s kind of similar to Jurassic Park, but not quite. Remember in the movie, there were real dinosaurs right? Here, these dinosaurs are of course models (pretty accurate too, both in size and aspect).

The park is pretty big, stretching around 1,4 acres, hosting over 40 species of dinosaurs. It is considered to be one of the largest dinosaur parks in south eastern Europe.

There is a trail you can follow, around the park. What’s interesting is the fact that these dinosaurs are displayed in a particular order, based on their evolution, in time. Some of the species you will find here are: Oviraptor, T-rex, Triceraptos, Diplodocus and more. Your kids will love it.

Me and my girlfriend tried to photograph all of them, as you can see in the gallery above, but no matter how good your camera is, it just doesn’t to them justice. The dinosaurs are beautiful, almost like the real thing. In fact, when we first saw them, from a distance, we though that they look like in Jurassic Park.

There are still some surprises in store for you inside this park, but I won’t spoil them. Why not come and see for yourself?

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