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Danube Delta, the youngest soil in Europe, is a combination of traditions, fish-based gastronomy and stunning images of the wilderness.

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We arrived in the heart of the Delta at the invitation of our friends at Wels Hotel, a four stars location 30 km from Tulcea and four hours driving from Bucharest. The location of the hotel is perfect: on the right side of Sfantu Gheorghe channel, hotel Wels offers a wide range of hotel activities combined with a typical Danube Delta resort. They have a very friendly staff team and as a tourist you can enjoy right from their mini-harbor a 3 hour wonderful trip to the astonishing Danube Delta channels guided by a local fisherman.

The wild life discovered in our journey cannot be explained better than in the photos we made there and is so diverse that only few locals can probably be proud of themselves in knowing everything about them.

In terms of gastronomy, the simple and tasteful dishes you can serve at Wels offer an unforgettable experience. In this respect, the fish based soup or the different types of grilled fish are just ones of the few alternatives there. You can also rent boats for photo expeditions and, believe me, Delta is very much alike with The Louvre: you will need weeks to see it all!

As a visitor, the area of Danube Delta offers you more than good retreat, food, breathtaking nature images: the historical sites you can find all over Dobrogea (the Romanian region in which the Delta is integrated). With a visit here you can discover the ruins of Histria and Enisala Citadels, silent witnesses of the old Romanian origins.

Step by step, along with higher investments in the area, the travelers can learn about Danube Delta history and origins at the Tulcea museum of Danube Delta, an example of what a museum should be. Also from Tulcea, you can start to discover the real Delta by taking one of the ships that connects the city harbor with main locations of the region: Sulina, Mila 23 and so on.

The choices are so diverse, so practically anyone can choose a new and different route.

See you in Romania, see you in the Danube Delta!

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Our guide was excellent and our experience was well thought out, fun, and informative. Highly recommend if you are in Bucharest.

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