Travelers we Meet: Niki Bozionelou

Travelers we Meet: Niki Bozionelou

Off to a great start of the week. Did I mention that I am about to go on vacation soon? And guess where? To beautiful Greece. And speaking of Greece, today’s traveler lives there. Maybe I’ll pay her a visit. Meet Niki.

Hello there! My name is Niki, I come from Greece and I am the founder of – a travel focused website. I’m very passionate about traveling but not the type of traveler that would go anywhere, just to go. More like a control freak when it comes to my itinerary! Ha! If I could describe myself in 4 words, I’d probably say foodie, shopaholic, sensitive and persistent! My dream is to be able to make enough money to support a nice lifestyle through what I love doing the most: Travel! It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of investing but I’m getting there… Slowly but surely!

So far, I’ve been to 18 European countries and 2 abroad! That might not seem much for a travel blogger, but trust me, it is! I’ve been to a lot of different cities in each country and multiple times to the same countries. See my goal is not to just see the capital city of every country; no. I want to see most of each country and try to understand each culture! Besides, my list is about to explode this upcoming year, since I’ve already planned my next 4 trips which will happen by November! I’m very excited about them – especially the exotic destination I’m currently planning with my partner! It’ll be a first for both of us!

Also, if you read my blog or follow my Instagram and Facebook, you’ll see that this summer I will cover a lot of places in Greece, the most beloved European destination each summer!

I forgot to mention that I’ve lived in 3 different countries – Greece, where I was born, Serbia for 4 years – where my husband comes from, and England for a year – where I studied. Those 3 countries hold a special place in my heart and have a lot of memories and friends from all! I visit all 3 at least once a year!

I’ve been to Romania twice, but only in Timisoara for less than 24hrs each time. I liked the city’s architecture a lot! I’d also love to visit Brasov and Dracula’s castle, the Carpathian Mountains (one of my dreams) and of course Bucharest. Hopefully within a year, I’ll be able to scratch that off my list too. I’ve heard that their food is delicious too! Another reason for me to visit.

Happenings from my travels

Most surreal experience: NYC – Me eating a cupcake outside Carry Bradshaw’s apartment and later strolling up and down 5th Avenue.

Scariest moment: In a taxi in Istanbul. The driver reversed in the middle of the highway because he passed an exit. I started screaming and the moment he stopped I jumped out the car without even paying him.

Best souvenir: Cow-print slippers from the Netherlands!

We will be waiting for you Niki, whenever you decide to visit Romania again!

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  1. 20 Jun 2017
    That must be an amazing experience! Nice review! Reply
  2. 20 Jun 2017
    Thank you for this! xx Reply
  3. 21 Jun 2017
    Awesome article about Niki, hope i can meet her too. Reply
  4. 21 Jun 2017
    Nice feature. Would be great if you guys do get to meet up when you get to Greece, who knows what could happen! Reply
  5. 21 Jun 2017
    I so want to go to Greece! It is going to be one of the first places ticked of my list Reply
  6. 21 Jun 2017
    I pray you and Niki meet up in Greece and I pray that Niki realizes her life dreams. Travel really enriches our lives and brings some of the most amazing people into our world. Happy travels! Love the photos. Reply
  7. 21 Jun 2017
    That would be totally awesome to meet up together! The world is such a small place when we are all connected by this wonderful world of blogs:) Reply
  8. 21 Jun 2017
    Awesome to learn a bit more about your Niki and all the travels you have done. Great idea for a blog post btw Finding Romania. I too only spent 24 hrs in Romania of which I spend most of it on the park bench sick lol. Would love to see Dracula's castle too and more of the country as well. Great to read about fellow travel lovers. Reply
  9. 22 Jun 2017
    Awesome! I can't believe Niki has traveled to so many countries. May she continue to see the world and be inspired! Thanks for sharing! Reply
  10. 22 Jun 2017
    Lovely piece. V nice to hear and read about Niki. When m in Greece hopefully will meet up or if u come to india Reply
  11. Jen
    22 Jun 2017
    Great pictures! And I have to learn more about these cow slippers haha :) Reply
  12. 22 Jun 2017
    Oh, I completely relate to the control freak itinerary planning. Great to know more about you. Reply
  13. 22 Jun 2017
    The Istanbul episode scared me. It must be tough in that moment to sense potential dangers. I hope the driver did not mean to do anything. But as you start each day, stay positive and trust the world. Reply
  14. 22 Jun 2017
    I like this section of yours, Andrei, this gesture by you brings a lot of people closer to the world. Good to know about Niki. I am sure she would achieve her plans for traveling. Reply
  15. 22 Jun 2017
    Europe has so much to show, no surprise that you "only" traveled through Europe. it's actually a lot ! Love the article ! you go Niki ! Reply
  16. 22 Jun 2017
    Awesome and beautiful article to read and learn more about nikki :) she has traveled so much ! Reply
  17. 22 Jun 2017
    It's nice to meet fellow blogger along the road, With Niki's aspiration come to life soon Reply
  18. 22 Jun 2017
    Nice article Nikki & I loved the pictures, thanks for sharing Reply
  19. 22 Jun 2017
    Niki has accomplished so much! I lover her take on travel. It's definitely better to experience a place on a deeper level. Reply
  20. 22 Jun 2017
    Ah nice, I love this! Reply

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