Travelers we Meet: Aaron Chin

Travelers we Meet: Aaron Chin

This week we are proud to introduce to you our fellow traveler, Aaron Chin.

Born and raised in Malaysia, I am now currently studying medicine in Melbourne, Australia. I run a blog called Aaron Gone Travelling which mainly talks about student and budget travel. Through my website, I consistently stress that travel is definitely a privilege, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. I wanna inspire more students and young people to leave their comfort zones and travel when they are still able.

I went to Europe for 2 months last year and absolutely loved it! I have yet to seen the charming nations of Eastern Europe but I know I will soon. When I am in Romania, I will definitely go to the Carpathian Mountains. It’s already so picturesque from Google Image. I can’t imagine how beautiful they would be when I see them personally.

Cooking is also my passion! So, I want to learn to cook some authentic Romanian cuisine when I am there, just like how I go to cooking classes in other countries.

I have been to 25 countries. Weird and wonderful experiences are everywhere but a few awesome ones are:
1) Experienced a full-blown sandstorm when in Iran (our cars can’t even move!)
2) Went to an onsen in Japan (one has to be fully naked to enter!)
3) Indulged in a hot Turkish outdoor bath when it’s snowing. This was at Szechenyi Bath, Budapest./

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