Carpathian Heights


The Carpathian Mountains cover over a third of the coutry’s territory and are forming a semi-circle around Transylvania, which one of Romania’s nine historical provinces.

Romanian Carpathian Mountains are divided into three groups: Eastern Carpathians, Southern Carpathians and Western Carpathians. The Western Carpathian Mountains are also called the Mountains of the Sunset (Muntii Apuseni).The highest peaks are in the Southern Carpathians – Moldoveanu (2544 m/8,346 feet) and Negoiu (2535 m/8,316 feet).     Source: “”

The price listed in this package is per person.

Before we get to the itinerary, you need to know that this package also includes a bonus tour of our beautiful capital (Bucharest, also known as Little Paris). This is a mini-tour of the city tailored specifically for you, upon purchasing this package. The tour does include a meal in the Bucharest Old Town and a one night stay in the city center.

NOTE: Because your arrival time cannot be determined at this moment, there are two different versions of the Bucharest City Mini-Tour; one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. After you have purchased your plane ticket, send us an e-mail and we will decide together which one is best suited for you. To view the full details, visit this page here.

Now let’s get to it.


  • Accomodation in 3-5 star hotels
  • 3 meals a day
  • All transfers and transportation with private mini bus
  • All entrance fees to castles museums and monasteries included
  • English speaking guide

  • Not Included:

  • Air Fares
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Insurances

Schedules assigned for each day:

(Please note that the order of the activities may change).

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DAY 1:

  • When you arrive at the Otopeni International Airport in Bucharest, the first thing we do is check-in the hotel. Then, depending on your arrival time, we will do the afternoon or the evening city tour. Here you will find the full details.

DAY 2:

  • We leave for Sinaia in the morning.

  • Upon arrival, we check in and go visit The Peles Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in all of Europe.

  • Next, we proceed to Busteni City, which is just a few kilometers away. There we will visit the Cantacuzino Palace, build in 1911 by the former prime minister of Romania, Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino (1899-1900, 1904-1907). And we won’t leave this place before eating lunch inside the palace.

  • From Busteni City, we get in the cable car on top of the mountain to visit Babele, the Sphinx and the Caraiman Cross, the highest cross in the world situated on top of a mountain.

  • In the evening, we will be returning to Sinaia (where we visited Peles Castle) for dinner.

DAY 3:

  • Next morning we will head towards Rasnov Citadel, a building used as a defence system for the transylvanian villages.

  • Then, we take just a few steps back and visit the newly opened Dino Parc, where you can see the evolution of the dinosaurs from beginning to end.

  • We should approach lunch time by now, so we’ll drive to Bran City, where we find the original Dracula Castle. Before visiting, we will eat lunch in the city center. Then, we go visit the castle.

  • In the afternoon, we’re off to Brasov City. First we check-in and then we go for the city tour (Sfatului Square, Black Church, Black Tower, and String Street, one of the narrowest streets in Europe).

  • And what’s better than a nice dinner after the city tour?

DAY 4:

  • After breakfast, it’s off to Balea Lake, via the famous Transfagarasan Highway, where, as you might remember, Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear said “We were wrong, this is better than Stelvino, this is the best road in the world!”, when they came in Romania to film an episode of the famous tv show. There we will enjoy a good view of the endless curves of the Transfagarasan Highway, and Balea Lake. Regarding the temperature, there might still be snow there, even in the middle of the summer, so make sure you bring an extra jacket, just to be sure.

  • Next stop is Sibiu, a medieval city that will remind you of Brasov. We will go straight to lunch and the check-in. After that we will visit the city, starting with the Old Town, observing the Council Tower, Brukenthal Museum (art museum), the Evangelic Church (gothic), and The Liar’s Bridge. In the summer, there are many festivities in the Old Town, such as concerts, folkloric shows, fairs and many more.

  • In the evening, we will have dinner at a local restaurant where you can taste the true Romanian traditional cuisine, and after that we will go to the hotel.

DAY 5:

  • With sadness in our hearts, we say goodbye to Sibiu and hello to Horezu, the most famous pottery center in the country, where you will find more about our traditional heritage. We will go check in at the hotel, and we will spend the entire day there, go sightseeing in the city, visiting ceramists’ artisans’ workshops and have a picnic in the middle of nature to admire the beautiful view, after which we’re gonna visit the Hurezi Monastery.

  • In the evening we will enjoy a traditional dinner at the hotel.

DAY 6:

  • In this last day, we will leave for Bucharest Otopeni Airport. The estimated arrival time is 1PM.

Peles Castle

The Peles Castle (built between 1875 and 1883) is located in Sinaia and is the most famous royal residence in Romania. It is said that King Carol I decided to build a castle here. Therefore, he bought the land in 1872, and hired the German architect Wilhelm Dodderer to make the plans for the construction. This is the reason why, the exterior architecture of the castle contains specific German neo-renaissance elements.

Cantacuzino Palace

The Cantacuzino Palace in Busteni was built by prince Grigore Cantazucino, also known as “Nababul”(“The Mogul”), and opened in 1911. It is a neo-Romanian construction, in stone and brick. It is a boyar residence, that contains, stained glass windows, marble, brackets and ceilings with painted beams, and beautigul white fireplaces. In the communist era, the castle served as a sanitarium.

Rasnov Citadel

Rasnov Citadel, is one of the best preserved rustic citadels from Transylvania. Its main purpose was defense for the Transylvanian villages that were exposed to attacks.

Dino Parc

Dino Parc is one of the most recent additions to our country’s tourism. Build in 2015, on a land of about 14 acres, the park hosts about 40 different species of model dinosaurs in actual size.

Bran Castle

“Dracula’s Castle” as it is known worldwide, was first stated in official documents in a letter written in 1377 by the Hungaruan Ludovic I D’Ánjou giving the inhabitans of Brasov the privilege to build the citadel in the place of the old stronghold. Its purpose was for defense and commercial use. Many legends are connected with Bran Castle, one of them saying that the castle belonged to Count Dracula himself.


Brasov was founded by the Teutonic Knights in 1211. Its medieval ambiance is present today as it was back in the day, especially in the old Town Hall Square. Here you cand take a peek inside the Black Church – the largest gothic church in Romania, and pass through the narrowest street in Europe, the Rope Street.

Balea Lake

Balea Lake is a glacier lake situated at an altitude of 2.034 m. Here are two chalets opened all the year around, a meteorological station and a mountain rescue station. It is accessible by car on the amazing Transfagarasan Highway.


The amazing Transfagarasan Highway, mentioned on the famous tv show Top Gear, passes over the Fagaras mountains in Transylvania. Fun fact: 6000 tons of dynamite were used to clear the path in order to bulild the road.


Sibiu was the largest and wealthiest of the seven walled citadels built in the 12th century by the German settles known as the Transylvanian Saxons. The Old Town is conjured by a fortress and has many buildings that kept their medieval ambiance.


This small city is the most famous pottery center in the country. Here, you can observe how pots are made, out of ceramic of course.

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