Friday Song Day: INNA

Friday Song Day: INNA

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Romania has a lot to offer. But when you travel to a new destination, what is the first thing you see? The people, the attractions, the cities? That may be true, but what about the music? Starting from today, we will be sharing with you a Romanian song each week, from different periods in time and different genres. Language is not a barrier; it’s the melody that carries you away. Our mission is to promote everything that Romania represents. It’s more than just a tourist destination, it’s an experience.

Our first pick this week is INNA. Who is she? Come on, don’t tell me you haven’t heard of INNA. The pop sensation that destroyed the world charts with her debut single “Hot”. Look it up. Did you know that she is from Romania? Her real name is Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, born on October 16th 1986 in the city of Mangalia. She began working with a house music group called Play & Win in 2008 when whe launched “Hot”. The single (did you look it up?) became so famous that it reached the no.1 spot on the radio charts in Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Turkey and Greece. After that, she produces even more hit singles like “Love”, “Déjà vu”, “Amazing”; and this led to her signing up with the US record label Ultra Records. There’s a ton of information about INNA on the web, so we are not going to start telling about her life’s story. You got Google for that. Our job is to show you some of our artist’s best works.

Here is “Fata din randul 3 (The girl from the 3rd row), a great song, performed in Romanian. You can see in the music video below highlights from all of her shows around the world. It’s a different style approached by INNA, but in our opinion, a successful one. What do you think?

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