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Guess who’s joining our team ? None other than Crowne Plaza Bucharest Hotel. We cannot express how excited we are to partner with one of the leading hotels in the world. And to celebrate, we want to share with you something truly unique. One year ago, Crowne Plaza Bucharest launched the Citronelle Restaurant, as part of their plan to support a rich and healthy urban life-style.

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Crowne Plaza Bucharest is also celebrating one year since introducing the “market to table” concept, by launching the Citronelle Restaurant, as part of their global international strategy to promote a healthier urban life-style for its guests. Sounds amazing isn’t it ? Well, that’s because it is.

Because of this “market to table” concept, Citronelle is offering you a wide selection of fresh and healthy dishes, taken from independent local suppliers. Do you remember how it feels like when eating a tomato straight from your garden ? Unprocessed ? Untampered with ? This is exactly what Citronelle is all about.

Here is what Executive Chef Ashlie Dias has to say: “Citronelle offers a unique and relaxing experience, efficiently combining fine dining with a healthy and sophisticated life-style for our guests. Our team of highly skilled professional chefs are transforming each dish into a glorified culinary masterpiece. Because of my 15-year experience, which i gained while travelling all over the world, from San Francisco, New York, all the way to the sunny Hawaiian islands and Lyon, i have managed to put together a whole new menu with a fresh and vibrant approach in order to meet our guest’s culinary expectations. All of our ingredients are procurred directly from the local suppliers. No mass-produced food. This fits perfectly into our “market to table” concept.”

Now let’ talk a bit about the menu shall we ? Citronelle restaurant offers some of the most refined recipes out there, based on fresh salads, vegetables, and seafood. Also, its guests can experience some of their home-made lemonades together with their Citronelle signature dishes:

  • Tuna Tartare with fresh marine seaweed.

  • Grilled turkey Caesar salad, prepared table side.

  • Grilled fresh sea bream, with grilled vegetables, capers and extra virgin olive oil, prepared table side.

The restaurant has a unique rustic-like elegant design, with a total seating capacity of 86 (32 seats inside the restaurant and 54 seats on the terrace). You can say that by choosing this design, they payed homage to our local farmers and their healthy lifestyle. You can find the Citronelle terrace in the Crowne Plaza Garden, covering 4000 square meters, shaded by pine and fruit trees. And the restaurant parking can house 90 vehicles.

By launching this restaurant, Crowne Plaza has completed its global strategy of promoting and supporting a healthy life-style. Crowne Plaza Bucharest is aiming at offering its guests fast and efficient services that correspond with their active life-style. Crowne Plaza also has 3 new services to back-up their market to table concept :

  • Fast & fresh: four quickly prepared dishes in order for the guest to continue his healthy life-style while travelling..

  • Completely connected: this strategy is offering its guests 3 sockets in each room for recharging their mobile devices quickly. No more extension cords on multi-plugs. Therefore, Crowne Plaza Bucharest acknowledges the importance of technology and how it affects our day to day life.

  • Energy essentials: includes healthy snacks available in the mini-bar, and a specifically designed place in the hotel lobby that contains water, complimentary fresh fruits, jogging maps and towels.

While in Romania, you have got to try Citronelle. Even if you’re just passing by. But because Crowne Plaza Bucharest is part of our team now, we will make sure that when you are travelling with us, you will get a glimpse of their healthy and active life-style market to table concept.

See you soon.

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